About The Show

Just like each color has a different meaning to the world I feel that each emotion adds a different color to a person….this is my story a story of my father and a story of the battles he won and the fights he lost to come where he is today…

It’s said love is the most powerful feeling In the world …. we are driven by love, and we marry for love… my dad’s life was something like this … he looked for love …… he yearned for love from his family….. he followed his dreams, and then he did everything possible for me as his daughter …. the story is about you … the story is about me …. and this story is about my dad 

Welcome to RRANG … the colors of an untold story ….a show like no other …..3Y0A5765

RRANG – Inspired by true events, this upcoming Broadway style show coming to the US with about 100 talented dancers from the USA with three well-known and award-winning actors Malaika – Remo – Tamannah with Indian Cultural and Bollywood Style Dance.

The show will use traditional art forms and Indian cultural artistic expression to depict a story of an immigrant father who went through hardships to make a life in the land of dreams that it intertwined with a story of a family that loves, laughs and stays together even during the times of tribulations.